Who We Are

One Of Us Aid is a UK based Sexual Health charity organisation. It was started to provide sexual health services, advice, information, and education to young adults in Uganda.

Our charitable objects are:
The charity’s objects (“Objects”) are specifically restricted to the following:

1.  The advancement of health and particularly sexual health of young adults in Uganda by operating pit‐stop sexual health clinics that provide free and confidential clinical and medical services including:

  •     Diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) including HIV;
  •     Free condoms;
  •     Counselling; and
  •     Advice, information and education on matters relating to sexual health and wellbeing.

2.  To further such other charitable purposes for the public benefit as are exclusively charitable according to the laws of England and Wales as the trustees may from time to time determine.

Our strategy

We aim to improve sexual health of young adults by preventing transmission of STIs including HIV amongst them. Our strategy proposes:

  1.   Provision of clear advice, information and education to young adults so that they can make informed decisions when engaging in sexual activity in order to prevent   STIs.
  2.     Operation of pit-stop clinics that offer free and confidential clinical and medical sexual health services.
  3.     Promoting better Sexual health among young adults especially those who are at risk of contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) including HIV.
  4.     Ensuring that condoms are available and provided freely.
  5.     Sexual Health counselling. This gives a chance for young people to speak out about the issues they may face in maintaining safer sex practice and also to stress the importance sexual health.

"Good Health is Our Aim" - One Of Us AID